He tried out that new machine.

He comes from Wales.

We still don't know why.

I haven't had dessert yet.

Why do you despise people?

Can you help me paint my house?

Johann wasn't worried about getting caught.

We're close to being really good.


He went slowly and deliberately to his car, being careful not to step on the cracks in the cement walkway.

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You have a relationship with Suu, don't you?

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He wants to play tennis when he's older.

Jane spent a very flat weekend.

I might be able to find the time to help you.

Wishing you an enjoyable future.

I think you've been drinking too much.

Nobody wants your books!

Which flower did she smell?

He showed me the camera which he had bought the day before.

Life is an illusion.

Such languages as French, Italian and Spanish come from Latin.

The government plans to scrap some of the older planes.

"I nipped your national pride, I see." "You must have nipped it a long time ago, I can't even remember it."

Elwood needs some alone time.

They are talking about what they will sing.

Go with the flow.


We want to get out of here.

His laziness boded ill for the future.

What did you do with my baggage?

Please choose your character.

I can't get this lock opened.

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This is Terri's flat.

I'm looking after myself.

We can make it there on time.

Please give me a spare blanket.

I cannot lend this book to you.


I'd like to know the rest of the story.

The doctor gave him morphine.

I haven't let anyone else see this yet.

Come on, let's take a walk.

He came first. Therefore he got a good seat.

He has white teeth.

Fred couldn't figure out what Richard was trying to say.

He was right behind me.

I haven't eaten anything since yesterday.

Of course, I learnt about China from textbooks when I was in Japan, but what I see for myself in China is completely different from what is described in those textbooks.

I've been quite lucky.

I think Siping is cooperative.

I have a feeling this will be an even better year!


Proper praise stinks.

Could you please follow up on that idea after the meeting?

Raja and Travis don't live in the same state.

Within the settlement, Eva was known as a professional schemer.

She was visiting me regularly.


In the vacation, I read the entire works of Milton.

Doing that wouldn't have changed anything.

Please don't force me to go.

I think Ofer believes everything Damone says.

I never heard back from you, so I thought you wouldn't be here today.

Would you like to tell me what this is all about?

Don't fear being put upon. Fear instead being unable to help.

Next thing you know, you'll be in the papers.

Many men here drink away their wages.

What is the next street after this?

Byron left England, never to return.

We need that woman's name.

I advised her to catch a morning train.

Freedom of speech is taken as a matter of course.

You know Thuan better than I do.

At first, I took him for your brother.

You have until 2:30.

I'd like to talk to you this morning if possible.

Mike, can I borrow your phone?

I am on visiting terms with her.

Gordon has been patiently waiting all morning.

I told you about this last week.

Isn't it a bit small?

She became pale after hearing the news.

Daddy, buy me a vuvuzela!

He got back at six.

I've gotta go to the bathroom.


Old thought it would take longer.


I was really mad.


Have you tried to play baseball before?


Is it comfortable to travel by ship?

Julianto tried to talk Miltos into doing it.

Mr Brown is our English teacher.

Lui shouldn't have been doing what he was doing.

The brick wall collapsed on itself

You shouldn't judge others on how they look.

I'm going to get fired.

Don't let the fire burn out.

It's just not worth the effort.

What are you selling?

It is clear that he is rich.

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Sergiu is arrogant about her beauty.


It gets very humid here in the summer.


This desk is mine.


She had never been kissed like this.


He has absolutely no feel for it.


Mats isn't religious.

She didn't even try to help.

Marla and Doug were besties in primary school and started dating in high school.

We've taken very good care of Ralph.

He got married in Nicaragua.


I'll catch the next bus.


You should practice playing the piano regularly.

Sangho crossed her arms over her chest.

I don't know how I should do it.

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Copernicus proposed the idea that the Earth travels around the Sun.

Don't blame it on the weather!

Farouk held onto the handrail.

Romulus was the grandson of Numitor.

That's a pretty terrible deal.

Our topic of the week is: _____.

The moon is the Earth's satellite.


Did Amir mind?

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Let's not talk about work.


Don't make a noise while your father is asleep.

We need to help him.

All those tricks he's got up his sleeve make him a formidable client.

I like to come here.

You're a great help.

I will ask Natraj to type the letters tomorrow.

Were you at the party?

What can we do for you?

She read the children an amusing story.


Are you psychic?

I could see Guillermo was happy.

She has no one to whom to leave the message.

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Did you notice that he left the house?

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My pleasure.

I didn't know you had a snake.

Julianto couldn't completely rule out the possibility that he might be laid off from work.

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Do you ever wonder why?

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Miki is usually much busier than Scot.

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We just relaxed and had fun.


How many books did you read?

Society could not care less.

I had to stop doing that.


This hedge fund manager made more than one billion dollars.

Larger cars use more gas.

Do you know how to pick locks?

Her excuse added up to nothing.

The store where Sergio used to work closed in 2013.


I'll go see if I can find some food.


He became very elated at the news.

Soviet and Western observers have warned that if the Muslim republics do not join the commonwealth, they may from a separate group, setting up a volatile ethnic and religious split.

You're grumpy.

Don't speak unless you are spoken to.

Tigger's doctor suggested that he take a vacation and relax a bit.

You're starting to annoy me.

Tired of being the subject of the accusations from Tricia, Celia fled to France, whose language has no accusative case.

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We leave in three hours.

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It's my biggest problem.

Jean-Pierre arrived after midnight.

Andreas helped himself to a cup of coffee and a donut.

Who told you that you could park here?

The banks on each side of the river were very pretty. There were beautiful flowers, old trees, sloping fields, in which cows and sheep were grazing, but not a man to be seen.

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I'd like to have this parcel registered.

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"Where's Shutoku?" "She's in her room. She's studying. She's been studying for two hours, since three o'clock."


I don't see the problem here.